About us

With good mood and with motivation the love to our students we created the tutorial secondary education "Gnothi Safton " in Panorama Thessaloniki. All the teachers, a group of young and experienced teachers, we give new impetus to education, we implement innovative educational programs and we make again the learning process enjoyable !Our aim is to provide comprehensive, quality services to the students, preparing them well for success in the exams but also providing them with values ​​and valuable knowledge, information necessary for the general cultivation of the spirit and the development of their critical thinking . Gnothi Safton in Panorama Thessaloniki, an operator of education and training, will be your helper and companion in the dreams of each student!
We look forward to meet you and discuss in Gnothi Safton in Panorama Thessaloniki!

Tutorial Secondary School in Panorama - Thessaloniki - Greece

Targeted Courses

We insist on questions.

Interactive Boards

Innovation and Development

Mind Questions

Anatomic Seats

We attend you to learn... comfortable!

Panorama with view

Music Breaks

Success and Graduation is our target!

The Curriculum

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For students

Welcome to “gnothi safton “ .In our school you will learn... in a really different way!

For Parents

Success in the exams is an endurance race and needs patience.

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