For Students

Dear friend,

Welcome to “gnothi safton “ .In „gnothi safton” you will learn ... in a really different way! Our goal was to create a cool place where you would feel comfortable and you would enjoy the learning procedure! With a highly experienced, but young group of teachers and a good organized curriculum we are waiting for you to live the ultimate experience of learning and having fun at the same time!

The theoretical orientation / direction is … the one and only orientation in our school! So, we guarantee your ultimate success in the exams! We know that exams need reading and effort. We choose to learn, succeed and simultaneously have fun . We know that you wonder if this can happen ! We guarantee that this happens in Gnothi Safton!

We also guarantee, that in our modern and stylish place you will find the ultimate comfort! Forget the small desks and the uncomfortable chairs! In "Gnothi Safton " we sit all together in big tables , in comfortable chairs and we work together without stress but with good mood , with only one goal : to learn ! We always have good mood and we do not forget to smile, we eliminate stress by listening to our favorite music during breaks and we solve all our problems (inside and outside the classroom).We don’t leave any questions without being dissolved! We make the lesson more interesting with presentations and we eliminate the monotony of the lesson! We are looking forward to meeting you and discussing with you! We are waiting for you to see everything we mentioned and many others that we have prepared!


Dimitra Tsampazi

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